august 2013

Life in the Big(ger) City (so far)!

Here is, as promised, an article about how I've been doing in Cardiff so far. The last month has aged me from how I felt like when being in Aber. I've moved into a real-grown up flat (complex) whi...

Another End of an Era and another New Beginning

I honest to God have no idea of how many samples I've written of this article; how many things I've wanted to say and how many things I've decided to cut out. Yet, I owe it to my friends reading th...
C. Qvam

C. Qvam

22, Kristiansund

Currenly a Masters student at Cardiff University in Wales studying International PR and Global Communication Management. My life ambitions is to travel around the world, do volunteering in the field and become a published author.Feel free to browse through all my categories and articles, stay tuned for more updates! <3