juli 2011

It's time to wake up and smell the truth!

It was pouring down all day Monday the 25th. Norway was crying. The world was mourning. //photo: facebook So it's been over a week since the big tragedy and life has finally started getting back ...

22nd of July, 2011 - One for all, all for Norway; our fatherland

Buzzing bees, childish television songs and bubbling laughter. The sea hits the shore, the sun kisses one's face and one's mind is drifting off to the sound of a radio hidden in the tall grass. Th...
C. Qvam

C. Qvam

22, Kristiansund

Currenly a Masters student at Cardiff University in Wales studying International PR and Global Communication Management. My life ambitions is to travel around the world, do volunteering in the field and become a published author.Feel free to browse through all my categories and articles, stay tuned for more updates! <3