april 2014

Response to the Criticism of my Dyslexia Article

Thursday night I posted this article were I opened up about how it was for me to be diagnosed with Dyslexia after 17 years of tough education. Thanks to Facebook being how it is, it didn't take...

When the Education System needs to be Educated

I could write that I'm sitting on a window frame, in a dark room, feeling sorry for myself and letting the tears run freely... I'm an international student doing my final semester in my MA. I sp...
C. Qvam

C. Qvam

23, Kristiansund

Currenly a Masters student at Cardiff University in Wales studying International PR and Global Communication Management. My life ambitions is to travel around the world, do volunteering in the field and become a published author.Feel free to browse through all my categories and articles, stay tuned for more updates! <3