februar 2014

Attending George Thomas' Poker Charity Event

Last Tuesday was my second public appearance as #MissFvB2013! #Charity #SupportAgainstCancer #Poker #PublicAppearance My dear Director and I went to show our support for Tŷ George Thomas' ch...

A Different Valentine's Day

'Roses are red, violets are blue,Your face's full of chocolate,but others are hungry too' I came across this video by @TrueStoryASA while pondering what to do for a different Valentine's day (23...

Official Public Opening of Matthew Pritchard's SWYD Tattoo and Barber Shop

#SWYD #PublicOpening #Pritchard @SWYDTATTOO Yesterday, Miss Fashion vs Beauty 2013 made her first public appearance on the Official Public Opening of Dirty Sanchez's star Matthew Pritchard's SWYD ...
C. Qvam

C. Qvam

23, Kristiansund

Currenly a Masters student at Cardiff University in Wales studying International PR and Global Communication Management. My life ambitions is to travel around the world, do volunteering in the field and become a published author.Feel free to browse through all my categories and articles, stay tuned for more updates! <3