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Right guys!

How many of you have started your #BikiniBody training in the gym? How many is preparing to show some muscles once we can shred out of our winter layers? How many have given up already?

In the 'Getting Shredded' entry I mentioned there had been struggles during my 11 weeks of health-transformation. As #motivationfailure usually comes before the results, I decided it would be essential for me to flag up this issue for you before going on about my training process. All my following statements will be based on my own humble experience.

A good way to set yourself targets is to measure your process regularly. Do you setyourself a goal?I attempt to document my progress every four weeks. At one point during each of these segments, I have found I'll have one week where I feel like an absolute failure. My training motivation is low, the results seems like they' have gone backwards and no matter how much I train there's always something wrong with my techniques. Does anyone recognise themselves?

The danger at this point is that you may stop your workout entirely. The most important thing to know is that everything gets better if you push through it. Without failure, the following week after is when I notice the most change on my body, when my motivation gains a boost and the intensity level on my workout heightens. But what can help you push through? Even the fitness Gods knows it is far more tempting to huddle up in the sofa with a pizza (or two) and crying over a bowl of chocolate after.

Here are some personal favourite techniques which should help you to keep going:

  • Share your workout experience with others. Either face to face or publicly. The great thing with fitness being increasingly popular is that many will either have the expertise or experience with what you're going through. A friend can be perfectly understanding, like my friend Stefanie who is doing great progress with her weightloss program;a gym-partner can help you keep track; and a personal trainer is the best of both worlds and can be the perfect motivational speaker. Only make sure you do some research and choose a personal trainer that will fit you.Will heteachyou fitness, or justtellyou about it? Does he know your strength and weaknesses with regards to exercise, or does he know you as just another client? How competent is he to help you even if there are challenges?For example, due to geography, my personal trainer is training me online. This means there have to be compensation in conversation when he's not going to be able to help me in the gym, yet @AlexMurrayPT has made me feel secure in my choice of PT.

"Hey, we all have down days where you feel like nothing is going to plan [...] By doing the workout at all, you are achieving what you are meant to each day! The intensity at which you work is what depends how successful each day is : ) [...] If something starts to wind you up or make you stressed, leave it and move onto something different. The Stress hormone actually prevents muscle growth, so in a funny way, you need to be relaxed to get the best result! - I know you can do it :) you're such a strong person psychologically, and I know how much you want to get the results, so a few bad days isn't going to get you down." -@AlexMurrayPT, a response which triggered a turn over in my motivation when I was feeling proper low and ready to loose faith in any progress.

Okay, that was a lot to take in in one go before shake-time! Let's take a motivation break with the Gosling:

Do you have one of these in your gym?

Let's not let the Gosling down, time to crack on with the motivational techniques!

  • Learn your techniques properly before starting a program. The most triggering thing to my #motivationfailure is when I've done a program for a couple weeks and the gym PTs point out some flaws with my techniques. After correction I can usually feel my muscles working three times as hard as before the correction, which always chucks me into a downward spiral thinking the past weeks have been a waste.
  • Don't be afraid to ask. Hopefully, the PTs at your gym should be competent to help when you're stuck in your program. Ask them for help to ensure you do the bullet-point above.
  • Log your exercises. Not only to see how you improve, but also to build a bad consciousness which can whip your bum if you start telling yourself you can skip one workout after the other. The log will know. The log will judge you (did you just read that in a creepy fiction voice?).
  • Cheat days are allowed. Even cheat hours is allowed. Don't feel like a failure, but make judgements based on the knowledge of your own body and make up for it with increased intensity.
  • Protein shakes and meal replacements. A subject widely discussed, again I recommend asking your friends with expertise or your PT about which product(s) they would recommend. I am recommended to eat natural sources of protein, but as I struggle to fill up my amount of calories a day with salads (yuck) I find protein mixes helpful. At the time being I use Bella Diet Whey from Icon nutrition and mix it with cereal or other foods I'm making. I'm not a fan of milkshakes and I do struggle drinking it straight.

Do you have any tips you would like to add?

What proof do I have that it is worth it to keep going?

A couple weeks ago I felt bloated, terrible and basically further down under than Australia. I had sugar. I had days off. I worked with low intensity. Yet, I pushed through it and last week I felt #shredded.

After Week11 progress picture. How's your progress going?

Stay tuned for more tips and updates from my
workout program designed to me by Prolimit Fitness!


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19.04.2014 kl.13:24

S flink du er! Jeg har laget meg et treningsprogram over sju uker, og er n inn i uke to. S langt gr det bra, s har troa p at jeg kan klare det!

Lykke til videre, takk for at du deler det med oss :)

C. Qvam

17.05.2014 kl.04:05

Marie: kjempe bra Marie! St p, det er verdt det! Jeg kommer snart med en oppdatering, men det har vrt s opptatt hos meg i det siste! Stay tuned, keep going :D

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