22 + 1 and a rubber duck!

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Yesterday was my birthday, technically meaning I'm now a year older and a year closer to a midlife crisis. At some point. Back in the days I should probably have been settled, a working woman and married by now. Yet, I'm just here like "I like ducks".

@ChristinaQvam and my Miss Birthday Duck

Yesterday's celebration was unorthodox, in that I didn't start drinking at noon, wrapped myself in some fancy dress or walked through the day thinking of cake...okay, I did the latter. Apparently, I'm all responsible now, so instead me and my friends sent decorated rubber ducks racing down the Taff river in Bute Park for SVC. Don't worry, no ducks came to harm, besides a couple getting stuck along the river, and all ducks were picked up after. My Spider-duck was among the top ten to cross the finish line even though he seemed more occupied saving all the other ducks from someone else's Joker duck. Winning.

Spider-duck, Spider-duck, does whatever a Spider-duck does.
Can he swim, down the lake? Yes he can, he's a duck.
Quack oooon, here comes the Spider-duuuuck!

It was time for my first shift at my new volunteering job after the Duck Race. As the job involves working with children I can't say much about it, however, I can say I had a blast with the small ones and it made me even more excited for my volunteering trip abroad where I'll be working with orphanages, community work, etc. Before I left for the day I also received a drawing from a very talented & ambitious little boy:

I said only a few sentences to this boy; all kind, positive and encouraging - but that was enough.

To round of an already amazing birthday, it was time for a dinner with four close friends of mine. I believe everyone enjoyed themselves, I certainly did and I even treated myself to a pasta carbonara which I'd challenged myself not to order until my birthday. We had some laughs, good conversations and amazing food at Prezzo @love_prezzo, St. Marys' street. Spending #qualitytime with friends is a far better round-off than a night out in my eyes. I really couldn't have had a better birthday!


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20.03.2014 kl.16:34

Gratulerer p etterskudd! Ser ut for at du hadde en finfin feiring!

- Jeanette -

C. Qvam

21.03.2014 kl.10:59

Chrisette: Tusen takk! Det hadde jeg :)

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