A Different Valentine's Day

'Roses are red, violets are blue,
Your face's full of chocolate,
but others are hungry too'

I came across this video by @TrueStoryASA while pondering what to do for a different Valentine's day (23 years with me, myself and I is self-explanatory) and it made my heart race. I watched the whole video, which I recommend you to do, entered my close friend's name in the Facebook search box and hooked her up with my plan. The results you can see below!

This guy wasmy valentine for today!

My friend Diana found one too!

We set off around 6ish with our trolley - kindly lent to us by the Sainsbury's local at St. Mary's street - filled with two large bread worth of cheese and ham sandwiches, hot chocolate for the cold ones, water, bananas and heart chocolate bites.

#Valentines #Charity #Homeless #FoodIsComing #Inspired

We found several people to help. Eventually.First we took a couple loops around Cardiff city centre without meeting anyone, but around 7.30pm we met one after the other. Some were so cold that the hot chocolate drink became a day-saver. A lady was pregnant and we brightened her day after she had been spit on earlier by a booze-head. She has dreams to become established; today she sleeps on steps like most nights, but on some occasions when she's been able to raise enough money she would pay for a hostel offering laundry, food and shower. Sleeping in a bed was the most lucrative thing she could wish for, she said.
As we were talking to the lady, a man stopped by. He had been in her spot two years ago, but now had his own place and was building his life back up again. He still revisits the old spots where he used to spend his life and was even on his way to one of them as he walked by. Possibly quite naive, very eager to help and willing to take risks in order to accomplish our goal, we followed him to this scene from another world. One could've taken a flight to a less fortunate country and it would have looked like it did where we were standing. Yet, we were right outside the mall! A van and other helpers were present, handing out clothes and drinks to the homeless. Some were fighting, some were screaming for 'stuff', but in the midst of all was our guide telling us stories and teaching us techniques that would help us recognize who needed the help and who were just being greedy. Being at the scene was an invaluable experience for us. Thanks to this guy, our valentine's day was blown way past our expectations!

What a playa!

When volunteering and helping others I always find that spark of awareness and gratefulness which I wish would fuel me constantly. One thing has to be said: Don't always write off the problems of the homeless as a result of drug- and/or alcohol problems, and try to be understanding even if this is the case. I've seen more than one student heading down this road, it's easily done. However, some, like our guide, had a normal life with a family etc before things went wrong. "I'm nobody, you're somebody: you're on a mission" he said to us. He was right, besides with the first part. All of us are somebody. The difference is the cards we've been dealt. By the end of the day it's all down to genetics, timing and choices made. Don't take your luck for granted. Don't forget things could have been worse and the other way around. Wouldn't you appreciate the compassion of others if they were?

Spark a hope, light up the darkness

It's a beautiful thing, compassion is. Personally I find it to be one of the most attractive attributes a person can have. The more it is done, the more people will show it and the greater it gets. So join in; I hope you feel a bit inspired and at the very least please share this link so that others might. I, @ChristinaQvam, hereby #GiveNominate you:

Be compassionate, be great!


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May Helen

15.02.2014 kl.12:15

h, du er s flott, christina! har ikke ord <3

Unn Johnsen

15.02.2014 kl.12:59

Christina, du er en engel p jord <3 Tror det sitter to engler der oppe et sted, og holder p sprekke av stolthet <3 <3


16.02.2014 kl.13:29

Tnaaa ❤️❤️


16.02.2014 kl.14:55

Herlig! flink du er :)

Hper p en kommentar tilbake :D

C. Qvam

19.03.2014 kl.00:17

simba12: Tusen, prver inspirere vet du!

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