It's the Support that Makes the Difference!

It's odd looking back to my previous article ten days ago and thinking of everything that have happened since then. Less than two weeks were spent promoting, selling raffle tickets and raising money towards Bobath Children's Therapy Centre, before it all culminated into possibly the biggest night of my life...

I won 1st place for Scarlet Etoile Photoshoot, Miss Charity, Miss Publicity, Miss Fashion and the Overall Miss Fashion vs Beauty 2013 - Being the first in Miss Fashion vs Beauty to win several titles! (How sick is that!!)

I was big on promoting the charity side (and less the competition side) of Miss Fashion vs Beauty: By the end of the day that is what Miss Fashion vs Beauty is to me. Charity is the heart and cause of the organisation and its true beauty lies in how people gather together to raise money for children in need. Fiercely and Elegantly.

I'm still overwhelmed with feelings and thoughts regarding yesterday; humble feelings because there were sooo many beautiful, good spirited girls I felt deserved to win the titles; nervous and excited thoughts for what I'm to embark on for the coming year and some feelings genuinely shocked I didn't fall off the stage.

They say a smile to a stranger can make their entire day...

If I'd chose one thing to be proud over it would be the fact that a nervous girl harshly affected by social anxiety arrived to the UK for over 3 years ago and then grew so much that I managed to walk that catwalk yesterday - loving it and playing it. Yet, I can't say that's all thanks to myself, because I would never have gotten that far without my amazing support system.

The encouragement. The compliments. The faith. The well wishes. The hugs. The inspiration. All of it have got me to where I am now, not only looking in on a future where I can help others - but put on the threshold of it. I'm so insanely happy I've met everyone in my life, whether they are still in it or not; I'm so happy for absolutely everyone who have helped me stand tall.I walked those walks for YOU yesterday. You've made someone who grew up feeling insignificant and alone in life, to someone who yesterday was said to be Fierce (in doing something she's never done before). You gave me one of the biggest nights of my life. If you ever doubt your support to be helpful, you remember that.

Then, on a bigger scale, also remember that support (when working together) can, not only fulfill dreams, but help people live a fuller life which everyone deserve:

Support a little, Inspire a lot

I would like to THANK EVERYONE who bought a raffle ticket or donated online, thanks to you I managed to raise 180 (100 offline, 80 online) in less than two weeks! That's way more than I ever dared to hope for and I had so much fun feeling the inspiration everytime someone would take their time to support the cause. Some of you leaving comments on my page can't even imagine how much your gentle words made this experience everything it is to me (read: I was blubbering like an idiot when I read them). You're all fabulouse people.

Now, before I go and attempt to clean up the champagne etc while singing the chorus for 'For momets like this' (because I can't get it out of my head) I would like to thank Nyomi Lenny for finding me, tossing me into the whole thing headfirst and giving me a opportunity of a lifetime; I would like to thank Bryley Hinton (Our Fabulouse Hairdresser w/ the rest of her team from House of Hinton) who upon learning that I had no one in the audience, said 'I'll be there and cheer you on!'; I would like to thank my darling Sara Alexandra for the faith she showed in me when whispering in my ear 'when you win I'm gonna jump at you' and for the many times she flattened me when I did. Thank you to everyone involved with the event for making it such a good evening for everyone and finally THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS to all the stunning, lovely and high spirited girls I met yesterday. Not ONCE did the event feel like a competition and I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm so proud of everyone, particularly my outstanding bromancing girls, and my opponent Miss Beauty 2013, Neasha Date who may be the most intimidatingly beautiful girl I've ever met.

We're all winners in my eyes: We all pulled through for Bobath!

PS: remember, you can still keep donating on my page and the money will go directly to Bobath Children's Therapy Centre!


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