'YOLO' this bitches! :D

I am STILL kinda buzzing after winning 3 out of 3 rounds with Jelly Wresting last week!!

It's moments like that which makes me proud of myself (although if my folks ever find out you might be seeing me in my funeral next). There's been many creds and come comments for me doing it and doing it in my bikini, but by the end of the day what matters the most is that self-esteem boost I got for it: it was sick and I went full out taking on the challenge!

I constantly hear people making up excuses for not being free to do whatever they want (school, partners, work), and everytime I'll just nod while on the inside I know that being leash-free is not a criteria for someone to live life to the fullest. What one really have to do is

and take your chances! No one else is going to hold you back but yourself. One will have to stop being scared of what others will say or what others will think of you (and yes I am saying that with my last blogpost in mind) because regretting having done something will always be better than regretting not having given it a go at all.

Some people have a list of Things to do before I die, I on the other hand have a list-in-making over Things I've done before I turn Immortal:

    • Survived every crushing moments of my life!
    • Sat next to real tigers when I was younger, in Thailand
    • Was a dedicated 'Russ' in our Norwegian High School Graduation Ritual, two years in a row

(Russetid: Drinking and challenges for 17 days running in a builder's trousers. Biggest challenges I did was: running around the park in my underwear #year1, running through town in my underwear #year2, and eating two pizzas within 20 minutes & having predrinks in a roundabout with a sign saying 'honk and I'll take a shot' #both years)

  • Was an additional cast in an internet commercial with a proper filming crew
  • Done many extensive travels to foreign countries on my own
    Ended up with two tattoos, #Aim High - to set my focus for the future, #Amar Para Viver 01-04 - (love to live 01-04) to get me through the present
  • Went on a two weeks train-trip around england to see famous sites and objects (eg. Stonehenge) on my own
  • Done modelling
  • I get thrown into the air as a sport and participated in Cheer-Competition
  • Went Zorbing in New Zealand
  • Went White Water rafting in New Zealand
    (rafted highest commercial rafted waterfall in the world #6-7 m high and I can't swim!!)

  • Went Black Water Rafting to see glow worms in New Zealand
  • Handed out books to school children in Fiji

and now I can look back and say 'yeah, I did Jelly wrestling at Uni!' (and I'm looking forward to be 'killed' in Superteams/Rugby 7s with my bad back - can't stop this!)

There is more than likely a chance people will judge and talk for what I've done or the chances I take, but it's my life and I know how to live it to the fullest. I'm glad to say I'm not one of those who watch American Pie or films like it and say 'oh, those events would've been fun, we need to do it some time (but obviously we're never gonna)'.
I'd say 'If I get the chance I'd do it!' or maybe even arrange it. Better yet, these moments in my life are the real You Only Live Once moments because I've actually done something worth remembering in this ONE LIFE we got, and not because I had a kebab at 5am on a night out or did something distasteful at the expense of others, #YOLO

But now I gotta go, we're out on(in) bedsheet-social tonight!

Toga, Toga!

Superteams and Rugby7s is now accomplished!!


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